Why you should stay in Chiusa (Klausen) in the Dolomites

We accidentally landed up staying in Chiusa (Klausen) because it was practical and near many of the highlights in the Dolomites. But boy, were we surprised! Beautiful, narrow streets with lots of charm, cosy eateries and vineyards all around, Chiusa has it all! It landed up being our favourite village in northern Italy. 

We discovered so many fun and pretty things in and around Chiusa, I’d like to share our experience! 

Chiusa is a practical hub in the Dolomites

With so many famous and beautiful sights nearby, you’ll have a hard time deciding where to go! 

Travel times by car:

But Chiusa is more than just a practical hub!

What to do in Chiusa (Klausen), Dolomites

Visit the unique monastery Sabiona (free)

There is a short hike up to Kloster Säben (Monestry Sabiona). It will take you about 2 hours (return) and is completely free. The hike starts just next to the brewery Gassl Bräu. Walk underneath the arch and start climbing the stairs to the right of the brewery. 

First you will come across Schloß (castle) Branzoll, which is privately owned and cannot be accessed. There are four churches at the top of the hill, of which three are accessible to the public: the Chapel of Mercy (Gnadenkapelle), Church of our Lady (Liebfrauenkirche), the Church of the Holy Cross (Heilig Kreuz Kirche). 

The best church on is all the way at the end. Keep walking all the way to the top. Keep following all the stairs up until you reach the Heilig Kreuz Kirche (Church of the Holy Cross). There is a door, which is closed but unlocked. Open the door to enter.

Stroll the streets of Chiusa (Klausen)

The narrow streets and colourful buildings give this village it’s charming atmosphere. 

Food and drinks in Chiusa

Beer and great pizza’s in Chiusa

Gassl Bräu is a cosy restaurant with their own copper vats to brew beer. There is a cosy bar, plenty of indoor seating and romantic outdoor seating. 

Wine in Chiusa

Goldene Rose has an antique and sophisticated feel to it. If you sit outside you can watch the bustle of the main street. The owner can give advice about the wines and also serves regional wines by the glass. 

Sleeping in Chiusa: campsite with a view

We stayed at Ansitz Gamp camping, which is just a 5 minute stroll from the city center. We love being able to have a drink and not worrying about transportation back. This place is perfect because it’s only a short walk along the river to get back to the campsite . 

This camping is nice and small and has views of the surrounding vineyards and the monastery perched on the mountain. There is also a swimming pool to cool off after hiking at Seceda. 

Tip: Bring a hammer as the ground is rock hard!

Can you spot monastery Sabiona?
Ansitz Gamp camping with a view of the monastery Sabiona on the hill.

Add Chiusa to your list

Pick Chiusa as your hub to stay while you discover some of the Dolomites’ sights in the area. The small town charm will make it hard to leave!

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