Countryside road trip Tuscany: best photo spots

Want to discover the Tuscan countryside by car? What places are a must-see on a road trip through rural Tuscany? 

And then I don’t mean the ‘standard’ towns like Florence, Siena or Pisa. There are more than enough blog posts on the internet describing what you can do in these bigger towns. I’m talking about exploring the real countryside and small town charm of Tuscany. 

In this blog post I’ll answer the following questions about Tuscany. What are the most scenic country roads to drive through Tuscany? Which quaint villages are worth a visit? 

If you want to escape the city bustle and experience the scenic Tuscan landscape, then read on!

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Best photo spots in Val d’Orcia, Tuscany

Photo spot #1: Insta famous windy road Tuscany lined with trees - viewpoint Agriturismo Baccoleno

Ever notice how there are no cars or scooter on the Instagram photos of this windy road? It isn’t possible to drive on the treelined driveway to Agriturismo Baccoleno because there is a gate blocking the driveway. You can reach the driveway by walking through the neighbouring field to access it. However, the view is nicer from higher up, so I wouldn’t necessarily go to the trouble.

Flying a drone is not allowed at Agriturismo Baccoleno. Please keep in mind this private property, not a tourist attraction.

And actually it’s not a viewpoint, but privately owned farmland overlooking an accommodation. So please consider this when visiting. Flying your drone is not permitted at Agriturismo Baccoleno.

There is no parking lot at the viewpoint Agriturismo Baccoleno. However, there is space for 2-3 cars on the beginning of the driveway. Along the road SP60 (heading south) there is space for about 4 cars along side the road. During high season in August I came across only a handful of other tourists and there were enough parking spots for everyone.

Photo spot #2: Farmhouse Poggio Covili

Coordinates: 43.022099, 11.636814

You might recognise the straight road lined with Cypress trees, it’s also a quite well known Instagram photo spot. It’s sometimes referred to as ‘Viale di Cipressi’.

Near Farmhouse Poggio Covili there is parking for about 15 cars next to the road or on the beginning of the driveway. You can take photos with a car or Vespa at the beginning of the road, after that there is a chain blocking the road. 

See the chain that can be pulled up to block the road? You can't take photos with your scooter on the driveway.

Photo spot #3: Windy road Tuscany

Coordinates: 43.0619500, 11.7228745

On Google maps this windy Tuscan road viewpoint is marked as ‘Punto Panoramico’. You’ll find it right next to the village of Monticchiello, along a small dirt road right off the main road SP88 (1min drive to the viewpoint). There is enough space along the dirt road for a few cars to park.

Photo spot #4: Agriturismo Bellavista

Coordinates: 43.1851800, 11.5932520

Looking for a dirt road in Tuscany that is lined with Cepressi trees but without any traffic? Then this back road is just for you! If you’d like to take a photo with your car, motorbike or Vespa this is the place to do it.

Car in front of Cypress trees in Tuscany
Person walking on road lined with Cypress trees in Tuscany.

Photo spot #5: Hay bales in the Tuscan countryside

Coordinates: 43.2830250, 11.4426094

Honestly, there are plenty of pretty spots with hay bales lying on the field. This is just an example of one of the spots I ran into. Go explore and find your own pretty place to visit, because isn’t discovering half the fun?

Photo spot #6: Sun flower fields in Tuscany

Sunflowers are a rotational crop, so the location of the fields is different every year. Just drive around and you’ll see sunflowers for pretty pictures during your Tuscan road trip.

Best small villages to visit on a Tuscan road trip

Tuscan Village #1: Montalcino

Church perched on a hill in Montalcino, Tuscany
Don't miss this view of Montalcino when driving up to the town.

Wine tasting at Enotica di Piazza, Montalcino

At Enotica di Piazza you choose between 3-4 local wines, accompanied with Italian meats and/or cheeses. Prices vary between 20-35 Euro per person, depending on the tasting you choose. If you like a certain wine, you can buy it by the bottle in the shop accompanying the terrace. 

Make sure to arrive at Enotica di Piazza in Montalcino before 17:30, otherwise the terrace is likely to be full. If Enotica di Piazza is full, try Grotta del Brunello around the corner. They also offer wine tastings. 

Tip: Try Brunello wine!

Red wines with meat, cheese and bread at a wine tasting in Montalcino, Tuscany.

Montalcino viewpoint

Coordinates: 43.060964, 11.487201

Montalcino is perched on a mountain, so Make sure to check out the beautiful views! On the north west side of the village, there is a beautiful view. You’ll find this viewpoint right next to Church of Our Lady of Soccour on the street Via Pietro Strozzi.

View of green crop fields from above
Don't miss this beautiful view! Navigate to Lady of Soccour church in Montalcino.

Tuscan Village #2: Montepulciano

Montepulciano is a slightly bigger village than the previously mentioned Montalcino. Head to Montepulciano for more of the tourist bustle. This cute town has the best souvenir shops in the area! They sell hand painted ceramics like plates, bowls and olive oil flasks. You’ll also find pretty paintings, oil and other good gifts.

Most scenic roads through Tuscany for the best road trip

Road #1: SR2 between Siena and Torrenieri

SR2 is one the larger roads crossing though Tuscany. Chances are you’ll enter Tuscany using this road, depending on where you are coming from. On this pretty Tuscan road you’ll see:

  • Cypress trees
  • Rolling hills
  • Sunflower fields. 

Road #2: SP60 between Asciano and San Giovanni d’Asso

SP60 is another jaw dropping road you’ll want to include in your Tuscan road trip. You’ll see picturesque farms perched on hill tops with all the Tuscan ingredients:

  • Cypress trees
  • Hay bales
  • Tuscan farm houses

Best camping as a base to discover Tuscany: Camping Campeggio Il Treccolo

Camping Campeggio Il Treccolo is a small campsite with only 30 spots and it’s super centrally located! You can reach the following destinations from the campsite by car:

  • 18 min to Agriturismo Baccoleno (photo spot #1). Skip up to  read about photo spot #1.
  • 19 min to Montalcino (village #1). Skip up to read about village #1.
  • 24 min to Farmhouse Poggio Covili (photo spot #2). Skip up to read about photo spot #2.

The showers aren’t the best, but the good outweigh the bad for sure. They offer reasonably priced cappocinos and espressos. You can also order breakfast on site. If you’re putting up a tent, bring a hammer or borrow one from reception, the ground is hard here!

Tent and chairs on a camp site in Tuscany
Car and tent on a camp site in Tuscany

Summary: rural road trip through Tuscany

In this blog post you’ve read:

  • The prettiest, moest picturesque photo spots. Some are ‘Insta famous’ and others are less well known.
  • The best villages in Tuscany to visit. Don’t forget the wine tasting!
  • The most scenic roads for a road trip though Tuscany.
  • A very centrally located campsite to visit all these places from.

Hopefully this blog post has given you insight how to experience the rural side of Tuscany, away from the well known cities. Enjoy the small town charm!

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