Guatemala’s best restaurants with beautiful (hidden) gardens

Guatemala’s most picturesque restaurants and cafes

These picturesque restaurants and cafes in Guatemala with hidden gardens will surprise you. 

One of my favourite thing about Guatemala was the many tranquil garden restaurants tucked away in unexpected places. Below are the best and most beautiful, picturesque restaurant ordered by town in Guatemala.

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Lake Atitlan: best restaurants with hidden gardens

San Marcos - Lake Atitlan: best restaurant

El Artesano wine and cheese restaurant at La Casa Zapote: mind blowing cheese tasting

You really don’t want to miss out on this one! This secret restaurant was my favourite eatery in the whole of Guatemala, hands down! At El Artesano at La Casa Zapote you can indulge on cheese, meats, olives, bruschetta and many other snacks while enjoying a glass of wine. You can easily drink and eat the afternoon away in this tranquil, green garden. There is plenty of shade and you can see the Indian Nose from the garden! We recommend the cheese platter with 25 different cheeses! We spent 4 hours here and really relaxed after hiking up the Indian Nose. 

I recommend the tasting platter with 25 different types of cheese at El Artesano restaurant (La Casa Zapote).
Table and sun umbrella outside in a green garden, with Indian Nose in the background.
Can you spot Indian Nose in the background?

Please note: This secret hideaway requires a reservation at least 24 hours in advance.

Check out the menu on their website or read the very complimentary reviews on Tripadvisor

The photos in this blog post are of the previous location in San Pedro, which is permanently closed. The new location in San Marcos looks equally beautiful.

San Pedro - Lake Atitlan

Clover restaurant: breakfast with lake views

Clover restaurant seems a little tucked away, but surprisingly enough it has a beautiful garden overlooking Lake Atitlan. They have an extensive menu with lots of choice. Their breakfast options include: pancakes, french toast, waffles, eggs and breakfast burritos.

Check out the menu at Clovers or read the reviews on Tripadvisor.  

Table with breakfast at Cafe Clover, with views of a lush, green garden and Lake Atitlan in the backdrop.
Clover restaurant has a hidden garden next to Lake Atitlan. Great place for breakfast!
Man working on a laptop in the garden of Cafe Idea Connection.
Idea connection has a tranquil garden. It's a relaxing place to eat in San Pedro.

Restaurant Idea Connection: relaxing garden

Restaurant Idea Connection has a tranquil garden. Their Italian bakery offers many yummy baked goods. The most surprising part about this place? They have a huge collection of movies you can copy to your USB stick/harddrive/SD card. Great for your next long bus ride!

Check out the reviews of Idea Connection on Tripadvisor. You can find the menu on their Facebook page

Panajachel - Lake Atitlan

Deli Jasmin

Deli Jasmin restaurant has lovely outdoor seating. They serve delicious banana pancakes and other options for breakfast. There are different dinner options with plenty of vegetables.

Check out the reviews of Deli Jasmin on Tripadvisor

Outdoor seating area of restaurant Deli Jasmin in Panajachel, Lake Atitlan (Guatemala).
Pancakes and fruit breakfast at Deli Jasmin in Panajachel.

San Marcos - Lake Atitlan

Cafe-bistro Il Giardino

The village San Marcos has lots of restaurants with pretty, hidden gardens. We liked the vegetarian Cafe-bistro Il Giardino. Check out the reviews of Il Giardino on Tripadvisor

Antigua: best and most picturesque restaurants

El Viejo café

El Viejo café has a beautiful courtyard with a fountain and a Maria statue. You can order bread and pasteries from the french bakery, yummy! Also other sandwiches and salades. Unfortunately there is not much choice for vegetarians, but we certainly enjoyed huge sandwiches and fries after our volcano hike.

Check out reviews of El Viejo café on Tripadvisor.

Café Condesa: fountains and huge smoothies

Café Condesa also has a Maria fountain. This place is right on the main square, but the tranquil courtyard makes it way to forget the bustle. There are three different courtyards, each with a different fountain. When they say smoothie in an oversized glass, they mean it! They have a huge menu that offers sandwiches, quiches, soups and cakes.

Check out the menu at Cafe Condesa or the reviews on Tripadvisor.

Food court Centro Commercial la Fuenta

The open air courtyard at Centro Commercial la Fuenta is tucked away courtyard offers food for all your cravings.  It  has lots of greenery, shade and a fountain in the middle. Around it are many cute stores and about ten different coffee/food places. Veint & Siete has delicious smoothies. La Bruja sells vegatarian and vegan food. There are also eateries with cake, cocktails, beers, salades, nachos, tacos and more!

Lush, green coutryard garden at Centro Commercial la Fuenta. Here you can order food at a variety of restaurants.

How to get to there: You can find Centro Commercial la Fuenta on by looking for ‘La Taverna’ or ‘ Centro Commercial la Fuenta’ on Google. Here are the coordinates: (14.557583376705312, -90.73158601778755).

Check out the menus of some of the restaurants below:

There are also a few hand crafts stores selling beautiful souvenirs.
A list of all the restaurants, cafes and shops at Centro Commercial la Fuenta in Antigua, Guatemala.

Hope you enjoy these beautiful, picturesque restaurants with hidden gardens during your time in Guatemala!

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