Augstmatthorn hike: The better alternative Lombachalp route

Augstmatthorn, the alternative Lombachalp route: better, quicker and cheaper

Missing the early morning views from the ridge because the gondola doesn’t start early enough? Or not happy about the hassle of catching the shuttle bus back? The classic Augstmatthorn hike has killer views, but the logistics are a little unpractical. 

What if I told you there was a way to see the same breathtaking views, but cheaper and with less hiking involved? I’ll let you in on the secret below!

green ridge hiking trail with blue lake below

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The classic hike from Interlaken

  • Total hiking time: 5 – 6 hours
  • Total costs: 20 CHF pp (funicular) + 10 CHF pp (shuttle bus) + 3 CHF per hour (parking at Harder Kulm)
  • Classic hiking route: Harder Kulm – Siggiture – Augstmatthorn – Habkern

Most hikers start at the top of the funicular (i.e. cable car) Harder Kulm which departs from Interlaken. The first train up is at 09:10 (and 08:10 on Sundays). After 3 hours of walking you reach the top the Augstmatthorn and Siggiture. The classic hike to Habkern, from there you need to take shuttle back to Interlaken. The shuttle bus only leaves 3 times a day, so it requires some planning. Luckily it can also be requested by phone: +41338431343. The downside of doing the hike this way is you’ll miss the early morning views and the trail will be busy.

The better alternative Augstmatthorn hike from Lombachalp

  • Total hiking time: 3 hours (round trip without breaks)
  • Total costs: 8 CHF per car (4 hours parking)
  • Alternative hiking route: Lombachalp (restaurant Jügerstübli) – Augstmatthorn – Siggiture – Lombachalp 

Hiking map Augstmatthorn hike: Lombachalp route

Hiking map of Augstmatthorn hike with the Lombachalp route explained
Hiking map of the Lombachalp route compared to the classic Augstmatthorn hike.

Starting point in Lombachalp: shorter hike to beat the crowds

Park at the restaurant Jügerstübli in Lombachalp (coordinates: 46.744202, 7.907412). You can start walking as early as you like!

Tip: Bring coins for the parking machine in Lambachalp. Otherwise you can buy a ticket at the parking assistant or get change at the restaurant that opens at 10:00.

The parking lot at Jugerstubli restaurant in Lombachalp is the starting point for the alternative Augstmatthorn hike.

Roundtrip hiking directions for the alternative Augstmatthorn hike

Part 1: Lombachalp (restaurant Jügerstübli) - Augstmatthorn

The walk up from the parking lot to the ridge is only about 1h 30min – 1h 45min (including breaks). At the first intersection keep left, this will bring you to the ridge leading to the peak of Augstmatthorn (2137m). Once you reach the ridge, you can enjoy the scenery and take photos. At the peak of the Augstmatthorn is the best photo spot of the trail. 

Part 2: Augstmatthorn - Siggiture - Lombachalp

To continue to the loop, backtrack the way you came. Keep following the ridge in southeast direction till you reach the other peak Siggiture (2084m). You can already see this pointy peak while standing on the ridge, it’s only a short walk to get there. From Siggiture, follow the ridge down in the direction of Harder Kulm but take a right at the first intersection. This path takes you back into the valley where your car is parked. It’s clearly marked and you can see the car park in the distance, so it’s pretty much impossible to miss the turn off.

The whole hike can be done in 4 hours (including resting and photo stops). We paid 2 CHF extra for 12 hours parking at restaurant Jügerstübli (instead of 4 hours) so we could really take our time. This car park in Lombachalp was half empty when we set off at 08:00, but was almost full around lunch time. Doing the hike early gives the best views and allows you to climb in the shade of the mountain. The path was quiet when we were there in August, so seems like this secret isn’t out yet.

Scared of missing out by not doing the Augstmatthorn hike the classic way?

Don’t be scared you’ll miss out with this alternative route! The best views of the famous ridge and lake are between the Augstmatthorn peak and the Suggiture peak. This alternative route also takes you to here! Between Harder Kulm and Siggiture (part of the classic hike) is mainly forest which obstructs the views. The alternative route lets you beat the crowds so you’ll have the view all to yourself. 

green mountain ridge covered with dark green trees and a blue lake below
See all those trees? That's the hiking route from Harder Kulm. The trees block the view. Save yourself time and money and do the alternative route to Augstmatthorn.

The best photo spot of the Augstmatthorn hike

Do you want the same spectacular photo of the panoramic view? At the cross on top of the Augstmatthorn, walk down along the path (towards the lake). After 2 minutes of walking you’ll find this photo spot with epic views of the Brienzersee and Hardergrat ridge.


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