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Whether you’re looking for jaw dropping scenic hikes or undiscovered gems along the way, I’ve got you covered. After reading this travel blog you will know where to get off the beaten track for lesser-known destinations and how to enjoy the highlights without tourists. 

What you can expect on this blog

An active trip away from the crowds

  • Inspiration for an active trip: hiking, camping and outdoor fun!
  • Ways to escape the crowds:
      • How to do the highlights in an alternative way
      • Alternative and lesser-known gems
  • In depth practical information to plan your own unique adventure
  • Reality behind the pretty pictures


My favourite European hiking destination

Why I love hiking in Switzerland so much? The views are almost unbeatable, the trails are easily accessible and well marked and Switzerland is one of the few western European countries that permit wild camping!

My most memorable adventures

I just can’t get enough of the crisp mountain air, mountain vista views and (wild) camping experiences. Some of my most memorable adventures have been:

  • Summiting a 5830m volcano in Peru
  • Hiking in non-touristic and untouched Kyrgyzstan
  • Traversing Vietnam from north to south on a motorbike (1200 km)
  • Seeing the active volcano Fuego in Guatemala erupt 
  • The adrenaline kick of rafting a grade 5 white water rapid on the Zambezi river in Zimbabwe
  • Skydiving in Swakopmund, Namibia
  • Diving the Great Barrier Reef in Australia


My favourite hiking destination in South America

Why I like Peru so much? Easy! Peru offers raw, untouched mountain scenery. Make sure to visit the area around the city of Huaraz and make use of the endless hiking possibilities. Besides canyons, volcanoes and mountain ridges, Peru also has charming cities, interesting history and a great traveller’s vibe!

How I got hooked on hiking

How I got hooked on hiking? I was 20 and had never done an overnight hike before, but it seemed like a good idea to do the 7 day Overland Track in Tasmania (Australia) with 3 friends, but with no preparations or research. 

So off we went, with too little food and too much of everything else (including a bottle of tequila). My 18kg backpack and I encountered it all: rain, hail, snow and sunshine. 

But boy, what a trip! Majestic vistas, rapidly changing landscapes, cosy evenings in huts and the good company of my hiking buddies. From that moment on I was hooked on hiking!

Less researching, more day dreaming

On this blog I’ll share the tips and pointers I wish I knew before setting off. That way you can learn from my experiences and put together your own adventures. I’ve done the research so you can get back to the good stuff; the pre-travel excitement. 

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